Who are the Buffalo?
The Royal Order of the South Dakota Buffalo started in Sturgis, South Dakota in 1995, at the Glencoe Campground. There were 12 original members from Connecticut, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana and Colorado. Looie LaChioma (CT) was dubbed the “Grand Poobah” of the Buffalo and was gifted a buffalo hat by his members.

Since that day, the membership of this organization grew throughout the USA and includes members in other countries such as Canada, Greece, Italy, Germany and Australia. Today there are approximately 1200 members with the majority in CT and New Mexico.
The membership consists of men and women, who are motorcycle enthusiasts and street rodders or regular people who just want to have good company and fun times.
The main purpose of the Buffalo is to have “Fun”. Dinner meetings are held once a month in CT and New Mexico. During this time, monies are raised out of pocket to be given to local charities that help support children’s   needs.

The web-site will post upcoming events for motorcycle or street- rodding events in Ct and other states.
The motto for the Buffalo, which is seen on the web-site and the members’ T-shirts, is “BUFFUNGOAL”. This stands for Buffalo and fun is our goal!